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Meet the People!

Allen Berman
Allen has been working at Berman News Service since 1991 and is the COO. In his off time, Allen enjoys golf, college basketball and spending time with his wife of 13 years and 10 year old daughter. Allen coaches his daughters softball and basketball teams.

Murray Berman
Murray founded Berman News Service in 1970. He was the President of the company. Murray passed away in may of 2010 and is greatly missed.

Gloria Berman
Gloria ran Berman News Service since 1970 and retired in 1999. She spends the winters in Boca Raton and relishes her time with her 3 granddaughters.

George Denes
George has been working with Berman News Service since 1970. He is the operations manager for Berman News. You might have heard George’s accent on the answering machine. He is originally from Austria. George has been for married 52 years and has 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

Matthew Haller
Matt has been the Stamford depot operations manager for Berman News Service since 1993. This depot services Fairfield County. He is in charge of the drivers and the daily functions regarding operations. In Matt’s spare time, he is an avid backpacker and has been involved in boy scouting for the last 42 years. He is currently an assistant scout master with troup 196 in Milford,CT. Matt has been married for 29 years and has a 27 year old son.

Tracey Dauphin
Tracey has been working at Berman News Service since 1999. She is a customer service representative specializing in the billing department. In her off hours, Tracey enjoys photography and spending time with her husband and two sons who are 3 and 10 years old.

Kathy Connolly
Kathy has been working with Berman News Service since 2002 and is a customer service representative. She also specializes in communicating with the publishers. In her off hours, Kathy enjoys cooking and spending time with friends. Kathy is getting married in June of 2012.